My name is Sharon Budiman. I had just finished my BFA in Advertising from Otis college. 

I was born in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Growing up as the only artist in my family, I’ve learned from an early age how a creative person sees the world in a different perspective. I’ve embraced my strangeness and use it for my benefit. Making sure that I always do things differently enough that it is incomparable to others.

From my time creating I learned that you don’t have to be loud to make a statement. As a soft spoken person I choose to create work that speaks louder than I ever could. I always aim my work to consist big ideas that speak beyond just the surface. I create work that speaks for me as well as create conversations for others. Outside from work I enjoy old books, history, collaging, taking ugly Snapchat pictures of my friends, exploring for food and googling weird wikipedia articles.